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Project Based Learning Bundle: Grades 3-5


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Bonus product: The Math Scrapbook Project (included free!)

Here is what’s included in the bundle:

The Math Scrapbook Project consists of twelve math objectives encompassing number sense, fractions, measurement, and geometry. This activity is geared more toward a teacher summative assessment of skills previously taught. The length of time for completing these project activities is determined by the teacher. Students may choose to complete any of the objectives that they desire. I have always stipulated that a certain amount of objectives must be accomplished by the established deadline. Rigor is met by requiring students to explain their thinking by providing graphs, charts, tables, and or visuals along with their solutions. I have found that this activity works very well with ELL and gifted students as well. Differentiating is easily met by tailoring the objectives to meet students “where they are.” I hope that you enjoy it. Thank you!

Math Scrapbook Project (Free Resource)

Let’s Write a Book!

Do you want to increase student engagement while integrating creativity and writing skills? Have your students write their own books! In “Let’s Write a Book!” you can introduce your students to the various parts of a book through descriptions and templates. There are also ideas to use in your own classroom and book styles to try with your students. Allow your students to use their imaginations, creativity, and writing skills to create a project that will highlight their skills and grab their attention until the very last page!

Here’s what’s included in this resource:

(1) Comprehensive descriptions of six common sections of a book.

(2) Five ideas describing how to incorporate mini-books into your classroom.

(3) Descriptions about each book idea, along with helpful templates and graphic organizers.

(4) Directions for creating three different types of mini-books. Students will learn two ways to bind a mini-book with ribbon or string and how to create an accordion-style book.

Project Based Learning: Let’s Write a Book

The Tennessee (any state) Portfolio Project

The Tennessee History project takes a constructivist approach to student learning. This portfolio project is an excellent tool for evaluating and assessing students. This resource comes complete with 13 different assignments- including a miscellaneous assignment which must be approved by the teacher.

Also, included in this packet is a pdf file, a grading rubric, and an editable powerpoint–for those teachers who want to add/change the assignments or for those teachers who reside in other states.

This resource has an editable component so that teachers can adapt the requirements contained herein to accommodate any state!

Project-Based Learning: Tennessee History Project

The Vacation Portfolio Project

The vacation portfolio project takes a constructivist approach to student learning and discovery. This resource provides an excellent tool for evaluating and assessing student outcomes. This project can easily be adapted for differentiated instruction as well as for our ELL students.

Vacation Portfolio Project

This resource comes with specific directions for the completion of all six task objectives. Included is a list of expectations following each of the tasks assigned.

Also included in this packet is a rubric checklist for assessing student work.

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