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Writing Workshop Companion: The Red Book

***Revised! Now includes Let’s Write a Book–a guide to creating mini-books in the 3rd-5th grade classroom!***

This personal student desk guide contains literally hundreds of action verbs, adjectives, adverbs and nouns to enhance the quality of student writing, by providing students an abundance of word choice. The primary goal of this product is to encourage students to enhance the quality of their writing.


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This resource includes the following quantities of words per each part of speech:

  • Action verbs (156), adverbs (102), adjectives (152), nouns (178), transition devices (52), concluding phrases (12), word substitutes for “said” (40), and “stuff” (15).
  • Finally, each part of speech will be accompanied with a dozen examples of sentences not beginning with the personal pronoun “I.”
  • “The Red Book,” will be an asset to any classroom’s Literacy Center, fostering children’s exploration of word choices. Blank notebook sheets are provided in the packet for students to add additional words. For me, having a copy on each student’s desk, served as a true writing companion during the revising & editing process.


Note: I encourage all my buyers to read the product description carefully and look at the preview of the product, so that they will be clear on what is and is not included in the product!

**This product download is a Zip File that contains a folder with two PDF files: (1) Writing Workshop Companion and (2) Let’s Write a Book**

**Be sure that your software application will allow you to copy/paste and edit the product PDF file.**

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