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K-5 Substitute Plans: BUNDLE

This product Bundle includes Lesson Plans for your Substitute Teacher! Grades K-2 and Emergency Sub Plans for the Week! Grades 3-5.


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Lesson Plans for your Substitute Teacher: Grades K-2
Preparing materials for a substitute teacher can be time consuming and frustrating. With Lesson Plans for your Substitute Teacher, you will be able to erase the anxiety of writing lesson plans and organizing materials for your sub! This packet includes a week’s worth of lesson plans for your Kindergarten – 2nd grade classroom in addition to over fifteen printable documents to help your substitute be successful. There are twenty comprehensive lesson plans: five lessons each for Reading/Literacy, Science, Math, and Social Studies. Each lesson is written in a step-by-step, easy-to-follow format, and includes corresponding handouts. The lessons promote creativity, collaboration, movement, and play while focusing on age-appropriate skills and content. Utilize the printable documents ranging from a welcome letter, attendance list, and health form, to transportation information and extra class handouts to make your substitute’s day(s) as smooth as possible. With Lesson Plans for your Substitute Teacher, you will be fully prepared should you need to miss school for a week!

Emergency Sub Plans for the Week! Grades 3-5
Need to miss school for a week? No problem! With Emergency Sub Plans for the Week your classes are covered. Preparing for a substitute teacher is time consuming and difficult to organize, especially when your absence from school is unexpected. This packet will erase that anxiety as the lessons are already planned and the handouts are already made.
In this packet, you will find 20 comprehensive lesson plans. These are 50-minute lessons each for Reading/Writing, Social Studies, Math, and Science for five days. Each lesson allows your students to explore, think, create, and discuss. They not only promote collaboration and creativity, but also focus on essential subject matter. The step-by-step format and printable handouts will make your substitute’s day seamless and fun.
Also included are 15 printable documents ranging from editable attendance lists and passes to helpful hints for your sub. The materials in this packet will help you feel confident and prepared if you need to miss school.

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