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Peaceful Conflict Resolution and Standing Up to Bullying

Students will learn how to appropriately identify and address bullies. They will learn to use conflict resolution and other strategies to handle being bullied. In addition, students will learn how to avoid using and accepting bully-types of behavior. Students will be taught the message of peace through self-esteem and respect.




  • Teacher Information Sheet
  • Open-ended Discussion Questions
  • Bully Information Sheets (5 specific topics)
  • Vocabulary Cluster Sheet
  • 5 Quick Student Skits
  • Skit Answer Key
  • Practice Peace Worksheet and history of the Peace Symbol
  • Students design their own Peace Symbol Worksheet
  • Classroom Decree with room for up to 26 Peace Symbols
  • Additional Website Sources
  • Exit Tickets


This product download is a ZIP file that will extract a folder that contains 2 PDF files. One file contains a colored formatted version of the resource and the other is a black and white version.

Additional information



Answer Key


Teaching Duration

90 Minutes

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