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Mega Math Activities Bundle (Vol.3)

This product contains a total of 6 resources plus a bonus!

The products are as follows: (1) Multi-Step Word Problem Task Cards (PDF), (2) Mathematics Assessment — numbers & operations (PDF), (3) Mental Math Daily Warm-up (PDF), (4) Math Spiral Weekly Matrix (PDF & PPT) versions, (5) Fourth Grade Practice Test (PDF), (6) Find the Error! (B/W & color PDF’S, and (7) The BONUS resource — The Power of Digital Roots (PDF).



Math Spiral Weekly Matrix:

The packet includes the following: a sample letter to parents, parent letter template, math spiral weekly matrix sample copy, with a corresponding teacher template, math spiral weekly answer key, along with a math spiral weekly answer sheet template, and a ‘How to use the Math Spiral Weekly Matrix.’ Some of the pages are ‘editable’ to enable teachers to customize the product to serve their needs!


Mathematics Review: Math Spiral Weekly Matrix Gr 3-5

The Mental Math Daily Warm-Up resource is a great way to practice mental math skills with your students. The types of problems in this set include: Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, elapsed time, fractions and much more. Packet contains 80 days of mental math daily practice (10 problems per day), as well as solutions to the problems.

This activity also comes with an ‘introduction to Mental Math’ and a ‘teacher tips’ section.

Mental Math Daily Warm-up


Error Analysis: Find the Error! Numbers & Operations

These assessments differ from the typical quiz in that a “solution” is provided for each problem. Students must check each problem to ensure that the correct solution was given. If the solution provided is incorrect, then the student must rework the problem, show their work, and explain their thinking in writing.

Product Features:

  • Teacher information sheet
  • PDF (color) Find the Error! Resource
  • PDF (black & white) Find the Error! Resource
  • 1ea Student Problem Solving Worksheet template
  • 1ea Student Problem Solving Continuation Worksheet Template
  • 10ea Student Problem Solving Task Cards w/answer key
  • 10ea quizzes w/answer keys
  • 1ea Editable PowerPoint Template for teachers to customize for their own use


Error Analysis Math Tasks: Numbers & Operations

This resource Multi-Step Word Problem Task Cards: Grades 4 and 5 contains 60 Multi-Step Word Problem Task Cards. Students will be asked to use visuals to illustrate their work such as models, tables, charts, graphs; explain their thinking in writing, and finally show all math computations along with the solution. Students will use all four operations as they solve these word problems.

These task cards will work well for individual use, cooperative learning, centers, math stations, whole or small group instruction. In addition, there is a student Units of Measure Quiz and Exit Tickets.

Product Features:

  • Teacher Information Sheet
  • 60 Word Problem Task Cards
  • Exit tickets


Multi-Step Word Problem Task Cards:Gr 4 and 5

This resource: Mathematics Assessment: Fourth Grade Math Practice Test contains a variety of mathematical operations for checking student proficiency– including number sense, algebraic reasoning, math properties, measurement, fractions, decimals, patterns, geometry and more!

This resource is ideal for conducting cumulative reviews of concepts learned earlier, preparing for unit exams as well as gearing up for end of course testing.


Mathematics Assessment: Fourth Grade Practice Test

This Mathematics Assessment: Grade 4 Numbers & Operations resource assesses student progress in the following areas:

• Place value understanding for multi-digit whole numbers

• Comparing multi-digit numbers

• Rounding multi-digit numbers to any place

• Mathematical prompt writing

Product Features:

• 2ea quizzes – 10 items per quiz with answer key

• 2ea tests – 25 questions per test with answer key

• 1ea cumulative test – 25 questions with answer key

• 3ea math writing prompts – with grading rubric


Mathematics Assessment: Grade 4 (Numbers & Operations)

Bonus Resource!

Increase children’s math computation proficiency by introducing “The Power of Digital Roots” Grades 3-5 is a teacher’s informational guide developed for those who teach upper to middle elementary school mathematics. Digital Roots offer children some great opportunities for finding patterns, and that multiplication tables can be reinforced as well as their ability to create some visual patterns. Not to mention the ability to check their math computations be it adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing more efficiently.

We provide the rationale for teaching our students Digital Roots. I can tell you that it has been my experience in the classroom that children tend to be much more ‘motivated’ when checking their math computations, as opposed to simply reworking the entire problem over again.

Product Features:

• How to find the Digital Root of a number

• Finding the Digital Root of two-digit numbers

• Mathematical operations applying Digital Roots

The Power of Digital Roots Gr 3-5

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