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Digital Roots in Math (Bundle)

This product includes (1) The Power of Digital Roots: Instructional Guide, formatted in both color and black & white versions. (2) Digital Root Task Cards, (3) Digital Root Rap (mp3) and (mp4) presentations. Please refer to the product descriptions listed below for more specifics and previews.


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The Power of Digital Roots

Increase children’s math computation proficiency by introducing digital roots! “The Power of Digital Roots” is a teacher informational guide developed for those who teach upper to middle elementary school mathematics. Digital Roots offer children some great opportunities for finding patterns, and that multiplication tables can be reinforced as well as their ability to create some visual patterns. Not to mention the ability to check their math computations be it adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing more efficiently.

We provide the rationale for teaching our students Digital Roots. I can tell you that it has been my experience in the classroom that children tend to be much more ‘motivated’ when checking their math computations, as opposed to simply reworking the entire problem over again.

The following is a list of topics that are discussed:

  • How to find the Digital Root of a number
  • Finding the Digital Root of two-digit numbers
  • Mathematical operations applying Digital Roots

This zip file contains a folder with 2 files: (1) The Power of Digital Roots Instructional Guide (color version) & (2) The Power of Digital Roots Instructional Guide (black & white version). Please make sure that you have the applicable software for downloading this resource. Thank you so much for your purchase.

Math Task Cards: Digital Root Task Cards

This set of 240 Digital Root Task Cards will increase your students proficiency in addition and subtraction computation operations.

Here’s what’s included in this resource:

  • 120 Addition Digital Root Task Cards (color version)
  • 120 Subtraction Digital Root Task Cards (color version)
  • Rationale methodology Tip Sheet
  • Teacher Information Sheet
  • Example Sheets
  • Answer Keys
  • Exit Tickets

**Print out task cards onto cardstock, laminate, and use again and again in your classroom**

This cooperative learning activity will provide opportunities for your students to read a task card, practice computation skills, share and discuss their solutions with a partner or small group.

Use these task cards for small group instruction, in a center, early finishers, or for preparing for addition and subtraction assessments.

Digital Root Rap Presentation

Empower your students to be highly proficient in mathematics computation. Teach them the power of Digital Roots! This rap presentation is a ‘how to’ resource in determining the digital roots of numbers. Instruction suited for third graders and up! Included in this packet is the following materials: digital roots mp3 sound recording, and digital roots video mp4.

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